blood [ blʌd ] noun uncount ***
1. ) the red liquid that flows around inside your body:
Oxygen and other vital substances are all carried in the blood.
His face was covered in blood.
give/donate blood (=allow doctors to take blood from your body so that it can be given to someone who needs it): Have you ever given blood?
2. ) the family, nation, or group that you belong to through your parents and grandparents:
They never fail to remind people that they have royal blood in their veins.
Like many Canadians, she had some Scottish blood.
3. ) used as a way of referring to violence and death:
Peace finally came, but a great deal of blood was lost in the process.
spill blood (=cause many deaths): The conflict continued for years, with a lot of blood spilled on both sides.
have blood on your hands (=be responsible for someone's death or for many deaths): a ruthless general with blood on his hands
bad blood
if there is bad blood between people, they dislike each other because of something that happened in the past
be after someone's blood or be out for blood
to be very angry with someone and be trying to find them so that you can punish them
blood and guts
exciting action, including violence:
It's the kind of movie I like you know, plenty of blood and guts.
blood is thicker than water
used for saying that family relationships are usually stronger than other types of relationships
blood, sweat, and tears
a lot of effort and hard work
in cold blood
in a cruel calm way, without showing any emotion:
Unarmed civilians were shot in cold blood.
something is in your blood
it is natural for you to do something because your family has done it in the past:
Farming is in my blood.
like getting blood from a stone
used for saying that it is very difficult to persuade someone to give you something or tell you something:
Getting money out of him is like getting blood from a stone.
make your blood boil
to make you feel very angry:
Her patronizing sarcasm made my blood boil.
make your blood run/turn/go cold
to make you feel suddenly very frightened or worried:
Just hearing his name made her blood run cold.
new/fresh blood
someone who joins an organization with new exciting ideas or new ways of doing things:
We need to bring in some new blood to brighten up our image.
the blood drains from someone's face
used for saying that someone immediately becomes pale because they are shocked or frightened:
Hearing his voice, Claudia felt the blood drain from her face.
the blood rushes to your face/cheeks
used for saying that someone's face becomes red, especially because they are embarrassed

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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